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Products / Services

Post Tension Cables​

pt cable.jpg

½” 270 KSI strand with 40 mil plastic for standard systems and 50 mil plastic for encapsulated systems.  All cables are fabricated in our PTI certified warehouse by experienced professionals.


straight rebar.jpg

#3-#6 20’ grade 60 and #3-#8 40’ grade 60 are always in stock. Sizes up to #11 60’ grade 60 available upon request. Fabrication for #3 - #11 is done in house. Most standard size stirrups and corner bars kept in stock.

Hardware & Accessories

6 mil & 10 mil 20' x 100' black poly, 10 mil & 15 mil Yellow Guard poly, 3” orange HPT tape, 4” red Yellow Guard poly tape, 2” pipe wrap tape, ½”x 10” & 12” black anchor bolts, ½”x 10” & 12” galvanized anchor bolts, 5/8”x 10” galvanized anchor bolts, 6” & 12” bar ties, 3.5 lb tie wire, rebar chairs, concrete utility bricks, 1 & 5 gallon mastic, curing compound, mudsill anchors, STHD straps, wire mesh sheets and rolls

EnviroWash Concrete Washouts


EnviroWash is the only concrete washout solution that prevents nearly 100% of rainwater and groundwater contamination throughout the building process with its close-loop wastewater recycling, treatment, and handling technology.

Delivery Service


HPT has a full-service, in-house delivery department and hot-shot service that delivers to customers within 24 hrs.

Houston Post Tension will provide a detailed materials quote to our customers upon receipt of an engineered foundation plan.

Prices vary based on engineering requirements and project location.

All accepted quotes are to be signed, dated, and returned to Houston Post Tension to serve as a contract for the agreed upon products/services. We will not fabricate materials or provide any services without acceptance of the quote.

Products/services will be shipped/fulfilled per customer request. Refunds and cancellations will not be provided once materials have been fabricated or services have been provided.

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